I’m 17 years old. In the fall i’ll be starting college and i’m psyched to be moving out.

I like photography, fashion, indie music (I try not to be a snob about it (you know those people)), and psychology.

I want to have adventures. I want to travel all around the world and maybe live abroad someday.

I think I am much too introspective for my own good. I just get lost in my thoughts sometimes, and it makes it hard for me to really live in the moment. I’m trying to work on it. Sometimes I wish I could just turn my thoughts off and take a leap of faith more often.

I laugh, I love, I lose, I write. I take two steps forward and two steps backward. I’m trying to grow up.

Oh, and I seem to be a lesbian.


One Response to “About”

  1. bluebicicletta Says:

    Thanks for your comment over at my blog and for leading me to your blog! Your description here reminds me much of myself–especially the being too introspective for your own good. I have realized there is both good and bad in living inside yourself—a lot of people never really take the time to think about what they think or feel, but doing this obsessively (like many creative people I know, me included) does make it hard to live in the moment. Unfortunately, I have no advice on this matter—my introspectiveness fuels my art, but also makes me a bit crazy sometimes.

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