What is home? If it’s where the heart is, well, I love lots of people. And they’re spread out all over the place.

I remember my old Psych. teacher saying that when you leave home, you generally get homesick after the first three days, then after the first three weeks, then after the first three months. I don’t know if I’ve felt homesick. Maybe it’s because I’ve gone home a few times, or because I know I can go home if I want to. I do miss my parents and friends a lot sometimes. Is that what homesickness is?

The other day there was a fire in my building. The alarms went off at around 3 am and everyone had to stay out in the cold for almost an hour. When I got up I was groggy and annoyed, but also kind of scared, and I didn’t think to take anything with me. I heard people saying they’d smelled smoke, and I started to worry. After waiting 45 minutes with no news, they herded us into some common rooms. I really started to worry. I thought we would stay there the rest of the night, and that the whole building would be gone or something. The only thing I really cared about in my room was my hard drive. Music and video files would be a pain to replace, but my pictures. Most of them are not backed up. Vacation photos, family photos, photos with friends, pretentious self-portraits, all would be lost if that hard drive was lost. Anyway, We were allowed back into our rooms a short while later. The fire was only in the basement. They think some dumbass threw a cigarette down the trash chute.

This made me think about how computers can sort of be home. I can e-mail my mom, stay connected to friends, listen to the same music I listened to back home, lol at the same websites I loled at back home. It’s sort of unhealthy how much I feel I need the computer/internet, but it connects me to home, whatever it is.

My heart goes out to everyone whose homes have been damaged in the CA fires. I know I’m very lucky that I’ve never been affected by a natural disaster like this. I can’t imagine how devastating that must be, and I’ll be praying for them as they rebuild.